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SA X-Platform

SA X-Platform

SA X-Platform

Smart Automation introduces the X-Platform. Why the SA X-Platform? The demand of small fixes control units ready for programming is up on request. The SA X-Platform offers these possibilities. For instance controlling of heat, cooling systems, access system, water pump stations, cleaning systems, pool & spa systems and so on.

What does the SA X-Platform contain: The system is build up around the EXOR HMI Esmart04M with 4,3” touch screen in high-color resolution with a powerful CPU and Interface with build-in Codesys 3.5 PLC and remote Cloud CC1 and optional CC2 for data acquisition. Connected is an I/O block with 12 DI/relay DO & 4 AI og 2 AI/2AO mV/mA.

The SA X-Platform has internal 230/24VDC 60W power supply for HMI/IO-block included, and room for 1 ps of 2 pole relay, power resistor as shunt if necessary. If the applications require mobile network connection, the SA X-Platform offers 4G router with waterproof antenna for mobile and wifi signals.

All signals are carried out to 12 + 28 ps. screwless terminals with “Push-in” technology.

All the nice features are build-into a nice industrial box with 6 x m20 connectors. And a toned protection cover. Ready to used with no application except a small demo application.

THAT’S the SA X-Platform…


SA X-Platform

Styringsplatform til programmering

X-Platform er en kompakt færdigsamlet styringsplatform klar til programmering. X-Platform består af 4,3” farve touch display med indbygget Codesys IEC-61131 PLC. X-Platformen har indbygget I/O blok med 12 indgange/ 8 relæudgange samt 4 analog indgange. SA X-Platformen leveres samlet i en fiboxkasse med tonet beskyttelseslåg, interne dinskinner med skrueløse klemmer, 5 forskruninger, RJ45 vandtæt stik samt strømforsyning. SA X-Platformen tilbyder ekstra funktioner som 4G router funktion med vandtæt udvendig antenne 2 x mobile/1 x wifi samt remote CC1 Cloud system.

SA X-Platformen er ideel til mindre styringsopgaver som fx. pumpestyring, overvågning/dataopsamling, gateways m.m. SA X-Platformen leveres uden software.

X-Platform med router, PLC, 12DI, 8DO, 4AI, HMI, CC1 Cloud