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Crevis PLC




PIO serie, micro PLC for programming, can be compatible with FnIO series along with distributed IO modules.

PIO has Dual Ethernet ports, and RS232/485 ports for external device expansion, and support 32bits control for the multi-tasking.

MODBUS Serial's RTU can support the master or slave type. MODBUS TCP can support the client or server type.

PIO Series is compatible with FnIO series along with all types of I/O Modules, and can be expanded and configured by any specification of your demands.

PIO series can work at CODESYS Version By using the CODESYS software tool, easy programming is available for user's system.

IL, LD, FBD, ST, CFC program languages are supported by IEC 61131-3.

Easy development for the application program by using the excellent distributed architectures.

MODBUS protocol can be integrated with the upper different monitoring systems like SCADA.

By using Web Visualization feature of CODESYS, users can monitor and control their I/O system via web browser.