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Corvina Cloud 1.0 is a Remote Access VPN Solution that and to your Machines.

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that puts yallows

to securely and easily connects to your Devices ou in control of your IIoT business. 

The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use. Web-based it allows all your

remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely and manage

updates on Exor Devices and connected Endpoints (PLCs, Drives, …)


  • No need to open IT Network to Internet (DynDNS, NoIP, Denat, etc…)
  • Direct access to the Device with a simple mouse click
  • Installation and Maintenance cost reduction
  • Geographic visualization of the connected devices
  • Device Web Server access using Standard Browser from PC and/or Mobile
  • Easy management of Multitenant access with the possibility to manage different Company domains
  • User and Profile Management for differenciate User Access to domain and function of the Service.
  • Completamente accessibile e configurabile da browser


  • Possibility to connect to the Device and Endpoints and use application (Web, VNC, Jmobile Client,..) from the Web Portal using a Standard Browser
  • PC App that allow to connect to X-Platform Device and configured Endpoints (PLC, PC, DRIVE, …) using related configuration software to perform debug, project update, firmware update, programming,…
  • Possibility to access to the Device using FTP or SSH on request
  • Possibility to differenciate access basing of Functions, device and type of connection.
  • Possibility to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or VNC to connect to PC/Server
  • Possibility to define Endpoints manually or open a Subnet giving access through VPN to the entire (or to a part) of the Subnet.

It is The Open Industrial IoT Cloud. It connects any products, plants, systems, and machines, 

be they new or legacy. It allows the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) to be processed

simply and intuitively with advanced analysis.

It bridges layers between IT and OT architecture, providing effective tools to access all the industry

4.0 benefits such as asset performance management, predictive maintenance and OT remote


The Open Industrial IoT Platform 

Corvina Cloud seeks the Information of Things. Easily connect your asset is your trusted global

partner to assist you stay competitive, grow and maybe disrupt your industry. Connects and visualize

data in a manner you understand. Analyze your processes in detail and effectively engage Industry

4.0 benefits. 

Corvina Cloud gives you an IoT platform secure by design, designed for massive workloads, and natively integrating Edge and Cloud scenarios.

Corvina Cloud orchestrates your own algorithms and AI to process incoming data and gives them the facilities to turn your devices into a Digital Twin.

Corvina Cloud Dashboard allow you to easily display your data and KPIs. Corvina Clour Rest API Automation layer turns your devices, into a Rest API ready to be used by your applications.


Corvina Cloud is secure by design and based on the last technology for secure Access Control and your Data.

  • Automated Certificates and identity management for Devices based on x509 certificates
  • Encryption of the Communication based on TLS
  • IEC 62443 Guideline Appliance
  • Two Factor Authentication

Access Type

SaaS - Software as Service

Software as a Service (SaaS) Corvina allows to host the data directly in Corvina Cloud as a Service. User connect to Corvina using any HTML5 Browser. No need of Extra tools or software development to collect and analyze your Data.

PaaS - On premise

Platform as a Service – PaaS Corvina Cloud as Platform / Framework Corvina allows to host data (on Cloud or on Premise) and deliver a tool to access data and create your App & Service for your business.

Corvina Edge

Corvina Cloud on the Edge (planned for End of 2020/2021) Corvina will be installed into the Edge moving the data analysis, data computation and Artificial Intelligence directly on the IoT gateway.

PaaS as Value Added

The value added of the solution is an easy to use Open platform that can be customized for the Customer and by the Customer. Corvina SDK (Software Development Kit) allow the customer to create their widget and data analysis tailored on their needs. Using Rest API we allow to use Corvina Cloud as a Platform (PaaS) that allows customer to access the information collected in the Cloud and create their own Software, Apps, move to private Database, create interaction with ERP,….

Rest API will use Authentication to warrant the security of the Customer data.

Functional Integrity

Reliability and high availability have always been a major concern in distributed systems.

Providing highly available and reliable services in cloud computing is essential for maintaining customer confidence and satisfaction and preventing revenue losses.

EXOR is a long term provider of Industrial strength products and software. From the beginning CORVINA Cloud was designed with a solid infrastructure but of more importance have been the automatic procedures that constantly monitor the state of the system and predict and prewarn of any possible future issues. 

Connectivity Management

Corvina Cloud 1.0 is an advanced connectivity management solution that puts you in control of your IIoT business. Leading seamlessly from the JMCloud offering, Corvina Cloud 1.0 is powerfully robust, highly scalable and offers advanced VPN capabilities. The user interface is incredibly clean and easy to use. Web-based it allows all your remote devices, networks and users to are able to communicate securely. Corvina Cloud 1.0 can be offered as an on-premise cloud infrastructure that delivers the uptime and performance needed for industrial applications and control services at any scale. Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the EXOR International solution for Remote Control and Teleassistance, based on secure VPN and Web access. Recent Updates Have Included Direct access application Possibility to create a user that can access only one application on a single device (see video here) VNC runtime Password Possibility to enable runtime password for VNC connections PLCM09 3G modem Compatibility Usage of the PLCM09 3G modem with Corvina Cloud 1 Light White Label Branding Possibility to customise logos and portal login address for a first level organisation Cloud credential and another configuration setup using USB Possibility to set Corvina Cloud 1 credential and other parameters using script file on USB Network Address Translation (NAT) rules on eXware, eX700 using USB Possibility to set NAT rules on eXware and eX700 devices using a script file on USB which then functions with Corvina Cloud Isolating for Maintenance and Installation Corvina Cloud 1.0 uses an SSL VPN technology (OpenVPN) to allow both installation and maintenance to be made remotely and highly securely. Nonfunctioning devices can be identified from the portal and isolated to be worked on. This can help save time and money and minimize network downtime. Subnet Mapping One of the most common challenges industrial networks are faced with is the problem whereby multiple locations have the same subnet, making it impossible to implement a central VPN management tool without significant intervention. Corvina Cloud 1.0 is the only solution on the market that can seamlessly resolve this routing nightmare, allowing your deployment to go smoothly. Web access using standard browser Corvina Cloud uses web proxy technology to allow usage of standard browser to connect to portal with security HTPPS protocol It is possible to access to local display of device using VNC client integrated into portal It is possible to access to web server of device using standard browser

Features List Device management and provisioning (plug and connect procedure) Multi-tenant management User management (user roles, profile & group) Data collection with 2 years data retention as standard and possibility to extend to 10 years Easy and intuitive Dashboard Creato Billing Dashboar SDK available to create custom specific widget or function Reusable Data Modelling Report Alarms handling Geolocalization of monitored Devices Rest Api for custom development Remote Management of connected Device (RMM) Born from Operational Technology. The vast majority of cloud offerings come from the IT world, which in the industrial sector have limits. These limits are seen clearly at the layer below the cloud where a vast array of protocols still exists. Although OPC UA pub/sub over TSN is the standard of communication, it will take many years for all field level devices to migrate to this communication. In the meantime there are many legacy devices and these will need an IIoT Gateway. This is where the IT sector has difficulty and where Corvina Cloud 2.0 excels On Premise Cloud with Enterprise level Security Safeguard your customers and your business with multi-layered security to protect against unauthorized access to your IoT devices, data, and backend systems. Choose to store this data on premise rather than send to independent 3rd party cloud providers. With definable alarms to help stop rogue activity and prevent fraud. Enhance service reliability Deliver the highest reliability with as real-time as is possible remote alerts to identify and respond to unusual activity in IIoT device. Analyze historical trends to drive cost-effective predictive maintenance. Lower total cost of ownership with Analytics Speed time to market and eliminate unpredictable costs with rules-based automated controls that lower total cost of ownership. It is possible to dynamically optimize rate plans, improving performance each and every 24 hours. Increase Revenues with IIoT services Transform your products into connected services. With Corvina Cloud 2.0, you can quickly roll out new services, keep costs in check, and meet customer needs in new ways that drive recurring revenue. Add further services in future such as mobile payments, different business model approaches in different markets etc etc.

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