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Ports and Layers CC1

Cloud solutions

Ports used by Corvina Cloud

Corvina Cloud is a VPN-based solution that allows to remotely access devices connected to Corvina Cloud server through an internet connection.

Corvina Cloud use following ports:

HMI Cloud Enabler on eTOP500/600:      port 1194/udp

Corvina Cloud "service" on eSMART, eX700, eXware, PLCM07:       port 443/tcp and 1194/udp

Corvina Cloud App software on PC:      port 443/tcp and 1194/udp                     

Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS)

Corvina Cloud "service" on eSMARTeX700eXware and PLCM07 devices support the Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS). To use this protocol access at the web page using the below syntax:


Note that since the self-certificate provided from the HMI device is not firmed from a known Authority, you will get a warning message.

Simple click the ADVANCE button to continue.