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Take advantage of the potential
Intelligent components that are part of the automation and process industries can give you control over many things, but it is only when you are able to exploit the full potential of the little wonders that you can get more out of your ideas than you first intended.
The team behind Smart Automation has a thorough knowledge of all the products we sell, and we can therefore give you competent sparring so that you not only get the right product in hand, but also get full use of the product.
Smart Automation's core products are concentrated around Controllers and HMI, and we have many years of experience in sales, support and programming of automation.
We regularly experience being able to give our customers more than what they initially ask for.
At the forefront, it is about giving you the right reading by consulting you on the technical and finding the product that meets the need at the right price.
Development and innovation
We hear what you say and then come up with constructive solutions. Sometimes that means we propose to our customers a solution that can take the ideas a step further.
Like when we developed a booking system for the hotel industry and when we developed an advanced docking system for ships in the marine sector, with ideas that had never been launched before. In building automation, for example, we have created a graphic center for monitoring fire hazards.

Collaboration and support
This is how we could continue - even in the future, because the possibilities are many.
That’s why we’d like to invite you to share your ideas with ice cream if you need someone who knows what automation is about.
We want to provide you with flexible solutions that do not limit your projects, just as we want to be a flexible partner who supports you when you need more than just a standard product.
Exciting projects require programming of the SMART products. Often, we work in collaboration with our customers to solve the problems if it conflicts with the internal capacity.
Smart Automation can offer to assist with our own programmer so that your projects can be completed as soon as possible. Of course, we can also provide the necessary support that allows you to work on things yourself.

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